HSC de Pijnhorst — A-klasse

Licentie nog niet verlengd voor2012

  • Sam Arnold van Laviere
  • Ziggy Jacqueline Hack
  • Tayco Quinten Wassenaar
  • ZoĆ« Karin Geubbels
  • Ching Tamara Guttenberg
  • Lina Karin Milovanovic
  • Moos Birgit Schneithorst

When was it

Saturday 18 February
February 2012

Who attended

A Large / A Medium / A Small


Nico Ackermans


Thusfar we have the following registrations:

Group Current size Waiting list Latest accepted registration
A Large (1) 65 Friday 3 February
A Large (2) 64 Friday 3 February
A Medium 32 Friday 3 February
A Small 13 Friday 3 February

Latest registration processed was on Friday 3 February.


Group Size
A Large (1) 65
A Large (2) 64
Group Size
A Medium 32
A Small 13

These links lead to an overview of the results of the selected group.

Also, there is an overview of all the results of this show, for those of you who are interested in the top 3 of every course.


Bremhorst 6
5491LR, Sint Oedenrode