HSV de Brandersstad — A/Open

De terugweg voor sommigen zal lastig worden nl.

  • A20 Ring Rotterdam: Hoek van Holland richting Gouda tussen knp. Kethelplein en knp. Kleinpolderplein dicht. Van 27 augustus 21.30 uur tot 30 augustus 05.00 uur.

When was it

Saturday 28 August
August 2010

Who attended

A Large / A Medium / A Small / B1 Large / B1 Medium / B1 Small / B2 Large / C Large / C Medium / C Small


Aad van Embden


Thusfar we have the following registrations:

Group Current size Waiting list Latest accepted registration
A Large 88 Wednesday 4 August
A Medium 22 Saturday 10 July
A Small 14 Wednesday 4 August
Open Large 25 Wednesday 21 July
Open Medium 24 Sunday 1 August
Open Small 10 Thursday 22 July

Latest registration processed was on Wednesday 4 August.


Group Size
A Large 88
A Medium 22
A Small 14
Group Size
Open Large 25
Open Medium 24
Open Small 10

These links lead to an overview of the results of the selected group.

Also, there is an overview of all the results of this show, for those of you who are interested in the top 3 of every course.


Sportlaan 60
3118JC, Schiedam