KNK Cynophilia/ LAK — NK Junioren

Ook ingeschreven Feline Tunders met Nicory 173

When was it

Saturday 23 June
June 2012

Who attended

A Large / A Medium / A Small / B1 Large / B1 Medium / B1 Small / B2 Large / C Large / C Medium / C Small


KNK Cynophilia


Thusfar we have the following registrations:

Group Current size Waiting list Latest accepted registration
Junioren Large 18 Tuesday 12 June
Junioren Medium 5 Monday 11 June
Junioren Small 2 Monday 11 June

Latest registration processed was on Tuesday 12 June.


Group Size
Junioren Small 2

These links lead to an overview of the results of the selected group.

Also, there is an overview of all the results of this show, for those of you who are interested in the top 3 of every course.


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