KC Gooi & Eemland — B2/C-selectie/Veteranen

LET OP KC Gooi en Eemland gangers!! Wegafsluiting:16 augustus 2009 om 5 uur t/m 16 augustus 2009 om 11 uur. De A27 is tussen knooppunt Gorinchem en aansluiting Noordeloos in beide richtingen afgesloten! Verkeer wordt grootschalig omgeleid over de A15 en de A2 en kleinschalig over de provinciale wegen N216 en N214

When was it

Saturday 15 August
Sunday 16 August
August 2009

Who attended

Sat: A Large / A Medium / A Small / B2 Large / C Large
Sun: A Large / A Medium / A Small / C Medium / C Small / Veteranen Large / Veteranen Medium / Veteranen Small


Jaap de Haas


Thusfar we have the following registrations:

Group Current size Waiting list Latest accepted registration
A Large (za) 30 Sunday 5 July
A Large (zo) 61 Wednesday 24 June
A Medium (za) 3 Wednesday 1 July
A Medium (zo) 15 Thursday 25 June
A Small (za) 3 Wednesday 1 July
A Small (zo) 11 Friday 26 June
B2 Large 104 Saturday 4 July
C Large 59 Friday 3 July
C Medium 44 Thursday 2 July
C Small 36 Thursday 2 July
Veteranen Large 27 Wednesday 24 June
Veteranen M/S 15 Tuesday 23 June

Latest registration processed was on Sunday 5 July.

Also, there are 7 registrations which are not assigned to a group yet.


These links lead to an overview of the results of the selected group.

Also, there is an overview of all the results of this show, for those of you who are interested in the top 3 of every course.


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