Zeeuws Vlaamse KC — B2 L8 - C L8 MS8 / Vet

LET OP... vrijdagavond 20:00 uur tot maandag 06:00 uur :

  • de ring 2 van antwerpen naar de liefkenshoektunnel ivm werkzaamheden afgesloten of een mega omleiding.

Dagindeling ongeveer en ovb.

  • Zat: 9.00 Spel 11.00 JP 14.00 VP
  • Zon: 9.00 VP 12.30 JP 14.30 Spel

KM: Ron B2 en C MS en V LMS Jurgen C L en A LMS

Nog Niet geactiveerd: Zoƫ + Disney - Fam Pronk.

When was it

Saturday 17 September
Sunday 18 September
September 2011

Who attended

Sat: B2 Large / C Large
Sun: A Large / A Medium / A Small / C Medium / C Small / Veteranen Large / Veteranen Medium / Veteranen Small


Piet Plasmans


Thusfar we have the following registrations:

Group Current size Waiting list Latest accepted registration
A Large 55 Tuesday 13 September
A Medium 12 Monday 1 August
A Small 9 Monday 1 August
B2 Large 85 Tuesday 13 September
C Large 81 Thursday 1 September
C Medium 31 Friday 2 September
C Small 27 Monday 15 August
Veteranen Large 24 Tuesday 13 September
Veteranen Medium 12 Tuesday 2 August
Veteranen Small

Latest registration processed was on Tuesday 13 September.


These links lead to an overview of the results of the selected group.

Also, there is an overview of all the results of this show, for those of you who are interested in the top 3 of every course.


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4571SW, Axel